jessI am an immigrant (olah chadasha) and love new experiences, join me exploring the foodie melting pot of Israel, eating my way through distinctive restaurants across the country and indulging in unique dining experiences. Israel is one of the few places that one can sample food from across the globe, with its multitude of ethnicities and cultures, it’s not hard to see why the food scene of Israel is alive and buzzing.  From the more traditional to fusion food, to the new and experimental – all preserving of identities and personalities that make Israel what it is today. Israeli food continues to evolve and with it comes wonderous palate sensations.

In my spare time, besides trying out the latest food hypes with my fiancé, I enjoy leisurely strolls to the park with our dog Bella. I also have a website that features my art and recipes, so if you are a local and want a commission you know where to go 😉 My other greatest loves are exploring new terrains, lover of flowers and natural landscapes and you’ll always find me with music on in the background! Besides my love of food, I am a real dog lover and I urge you all to adopt a dog rather than buy, it’s a priceless gift (should be the next Mastercard advert!)



jessicaJessica is a native of Curitiba, Brazil. She is currently residing in Israel, having studied Fashion Design and is an avid photographer, with a love of food – having come from a background in culinary cuisine (her mother has a bakery in Brazil, and her father once owned a restaurant). It seemed only natural to have her on board with this blog, where we will continue to share ideas for our next culinary adventure and tastes … and bring them to life, with her amazing photography. You can find more of her work here. Jessica has a love of fashion, baking and dogs! And we both are Jessica so how can we not get along 😉