EatMeat – Meat Craving Fulfilled

EatMeat – Meat Craving Fulfilled
"The perfect entrecote sandwich, better than any burger and as filling. The answer to a serious meat craving, just add a beer!"

This is not your average entrecote sandwich, and the simple décor shouldn’t be overlooked either. EatMeat follows a very simple concept, either ordering an entrecote sandwich or salad – there is no in-between, and it needs no other additions, apart from the optional additions of mushrooms or boiled egg (each for 5NIS), a meal is 38NIS.

The sandwich is fresh from the very Georgian-style ciabatta bread that holds it all together, made fresh on site – literally as a sandwich is ordered the back kitchen is tossing freshly baked bread adjacent to the assembly line of the sandwich operation:

The meat is sliced finely (which makes it even more delicious), fresh onions are fried amongst side the entrecote, lettuce and tomato is added – and the real special toppings of chilli and chimichurri upgrade this sandwich. Most importantly, no beef sandwich is complete without wholegrain mustard. I opted out of the mayonnaise as I didn’t want it to drown out the fresh notes of chimichurri.

The serving-style is very unpresumptuous, the sandwich is cut in half and served on a wooden board lined with parchment paper. At first bite, the bread has the perfect thickness – a very thin crispy crust and a fluffy centre, without overpowering the meat. All together a harmonious and delicious sandwich – so much so, it fulfils any meat cravings and is probably just as good, if not better than a burger.

I enjoyed my sandwich with a black beer (malt beer) – but equally good with a beer. Something special for those week nights, all that is missing is the naughty side of chips.

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