Lachmanina – Homemade Goodness

Lachmanina – Homemade Goodness
"The home of specialty breads and biscuits, along with various sweet and savory pastries - Indeed there is something for everyone. Israelis' that can certainly make an excellent South African bread (Nelson) and croissants..."

I came across this bakery by pure chance, after I discovered a very famous South African bread (Health bread) at a café in Tel Aviv. I inquired with the manager and he informed me they buy it from a local bakery, he kindly scribbled the address for me in Hebrew. It wasn’t long after, we took a trip to this bakery, located near Azrieli Shopping Mall and ever since, we continue to visit – I thought a post was in order to highlight this great bakery. This special bread is a South African classic, they call it quite aptly, Nelson – a beautiful, moist multi-seeded grain bread and is delicious with just about any topping.

Since my first days of discovering the bakery, they have expanded and offer outdoor seating, closed patio and seating inside – beware of the aromatic smells that emanate from their kitchens and the tempting display of pastries, quiches and breads… It is for this very reason, when we came for Friday brunch we choose to sit in the closed patio area. The bakery still had a steady flow of people either coming to takeout the various things on display or some like us, that would sit for a leisurely brunch before heading to the bakery for more treats to take home.

The interior design is very open plan, on one side there is an option to sit at a large high table with stools, whilst enjoying the morning paper, a beautiful bouquet of flowers welcomes a glorious weekend ahead. A tall glass cabinet housing an impressive profiterole tower catches your attention, together with a cheesecake and various jars of pesto. To the other side, one very long table for those socialites.

Before you reach the main display counter, a large ‘sampler’ table of some of the fine things on offer: A basket of challot (bread for the Sabbath), hamantaschen or oznay haman (square biscuits with various fillings, for Purim); brownie and pear cakes, yeast cake with ricotta and cranberries, some wines, and a lovely pear and frangipane tart. There was also a deep pink beetroot and coriander bread.

Then there are shelves and shelves of various biscuits like tahini, granola (the cereal too), dried fruits, pecan and chocolate chip; biscotti and some savory biscuits (Roquefort cheese and nuts) and crackers for aperitifs and wine. There are also no-sugar biscuits available.

The main counter had both savory sandwiches and sweet pastries, that all looked enticing. Their croissants alone will have you coming back for more; delicious, light, fluffy and buttery layers that melt in your mouth. They specialize in a multitude of breads (besides the ones I’ve mentioned) like baguettes, various rye, sourdough and spelt breads, brioche challah and some spontaneous buns. – Some breads are available without sugar and/or yeast and are either light or regular dough. And of course they have their homemade jams to spread on their moreish breads. Another bread worth trying is their fig and almond bread, its taste and smell are elevated after toasting, all their breads also freeze well – we usually buy two kinds.

Onto their menu, simple breakfast options like the signature Nelson bread with spreads, croissants, muffins and yoghurt with their granola. Lunch and dinner options like various sandwiches (toasted too), focaccias with interesting toppings, quiches (usually seasonal), salads like Nicoise, bulgur, lentils and vegetable. They also make a closed domed pita, called Kinder that is filled with either shakshuka [an amazing Israeli breakfast dish, post coming soon!] or mangold, chickpeas or with ratatouille – or half a Kinder with sabich, or with mozzarella and tomatoes. Hummus is also on the menu, as well as a mixed vegetable rice dish.

We ordered 2 cappuccinos (good coffee), quiche and the Emmental toasted sandwich – it was beautifully toasted and the cheese was not oily (like most toasted cheese sandwiches), inside pesto, tomatoes and basil leaves which complemented well with the cheese. The quiche: They are Queen of Quiches! The tomato and zucchini quiche was decadent with its light, crumbly buttery crust encasing the creamy filling of vegetables. Both dishes came with a generous and fresh portion of arugula salad, coated with a rich mustardy lemon dressing and crushed peanuts. Another favourite dish on the menu is the Tunisian sabich sandwich, with tuna, matbucha (a Moroccan relish of roasted tomatoes and peppers), tahini and boiled eggs. We of course brought home a Nelson Bread, hamantaschen filled with dried fruits (delicious) and then a scrumptious (I highly recommend!) blueberry custard galette – the croissant pastry and sweet-tartness of the blueberries with the custard made it all the more indulgent…

Whether you stop for lunch or grab something to takeout, this is a fantastic bakery that caters for everyone. Or you can be like us, have a savory lunch and follow after with something sweet … have the best of both worlds 😉

***UPDATE: Lachmanina has opened a second branch in Holon on HaOrgim St 12!

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