Miznon – Gourmet Pitta Express

Miznon – Gourmet Pitta Express
"Pita has undergone a high-class transformation of colour, taste and great quality. Tap your feet to upbeat music while enjoying fancy pita in a humble and buzzing setting. Comfort found in a heavenly pocket."

One of Eyal Shani’s masterpieces, you can almost begin to understand why he talks in a dream-like philosophical state, no drugs are needed to get to this level of conscience when you try his food. Rather all it takes is one of the beautifully, fresh crafted pitas from Miznon to get you on another level of existence.

The open kitchen and takeout-like service is fast, fresh and flavourful. As you walk enter the establishment, a stack of low-hanging lights, some Christmas decorations were forgotten or (most likely) purposely there and a dazzle here and there of fairy lights. You are greeted by an organic-looking pillar and chalkboard design, framed by caged stacked cauliflowers and a row of tomatoes along the window pane that looks out onto some cool, hippy art displays on the outside walls. The menu is very simplistic, indeed the menus (English and Hebrew) haphazardly hand-written on thick card.

There are barrels of various pickled vegetables in front and an all-you-can-eat buffet station of freshly crushed tomatoes, tahini, cottage cheese (for the cauliflower side dishes) and a tasty dish of spicy green peppers diced with lemon and olive oil and some slices of extra pita to dip.  Practically everything on the menu is served in a pita but there are interesting options. The pita inserts include various meat options from chicken liver to kebab patties or you can opt for seafood like the herring, crème fraiche and egg or venture for shrimp.  Vegetarian pita options include rainbow Ratatouille, slow cooked lima beans and a spicy tomato-cauliflower mix. There are a few “pita-less” dishes, like chicken roasted with herbs or meat that has been slow-cooked for a few hours and starters of whole cauliflower and sweet potato. All in their entirety are unique, exceptional and buzzing with flavour, Shani really upscaled the pita into something truly special.

We ordered the minute steak pita which had a sweet spice flavour with a chunky tomato salsa, tahini and some other secret ingredients; minute steaks are usually known to be jawbreakers but this was quite delicious with a bit of a chew. I chose the Dak-Dak (in Hebrew, chopped finely) pita which was hands down the best of the 2 – fine slices of beef and a combination of green leaves like dill, (maybe rocket?), parsley and kohlrabi. I would rather choose this than a heavy shwarma in laffa, the green leaves add a special freshness and crunch to the dish.

Cool place to go with some friends and just enjoy the atmosphere or place to take the visiting parents ;), with its upbeat music and waiting staff (all are in the kitchen). Oh and if you don’t hear them calling your name the first time, you’ll be sure to hear it the second, as they are quite fast-paced literally as they call your name to pick up your food, the next person is already ordering from the same guy.

Miznon has 2 locations: 23 Ibn Gvirol Street and King George Street (where we visited)

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