Nam Thai Cook House – Spice Thrice

Nam Thai Cook House – Spice Thrice
"Authentic and quality Thai food in the heart of Tel Aviv, don't be fooled by the chili heat index, they mean hot business! Also be sure to book a table as they are very popular indeed!"

Given it was the start of the week, we still had to book a table for Nam and it was not hard to see why. With its contemporary feel and dimmed lighting, it’s the perfect setting for a (second;) date or for a birthday treat, the latter for me – my “sister from another mother” 😉 treated me as she knows how much I love spicy and Asian/Thai cuisine.

The lime green walls and polished wood furniture reflect the freshness and quality of the food, for a real authentic Thai experience, this is your place! Great service by the waiting staff and a varied menu of Thai salads, rice and noodle dishes, egg rolls and soups. Some of the dishes on the menu are made to order spicy, with a heat-index of up to 4 chilli peppers, do not be fooled by an index of 3 chilies, it certainly cleared my sinuses for the evening! I am quite tolerant when it comes to spicy food, but here I really met my match! In addition, most dishes can be made to order vegan-friendly or there’s the convenient option of choosing a version with chicken, beef or tofu, depending on the dish.

My friend and I ordered 2 starters and mains, to share. We ordered the starters with the highest chili index and they were incredibly spicy -Papaya salad (Som Tam) and seared sirloin slices (Nam Tok). The papaya salad is usually a great winner for me with its sweet, tangy dressing and the crunch of the peanuts, adds that extra bite. Aside from the heat (one way of getting warm this winter) we favoured the Som Tam, the Nam Tok was too spicy to enjoy the meat, but the cucumbers were the crunchiest I have ever had! Nam Tok is the Asian equivalent to Carpaccio. Unless you are the type of person to order Vindaloo curry (brave!), I would suggest that you ask for a medium-heat index for both dishes to appreciate all the distinctive flavours and textures intermingling.

As we ordered all our dishes from the start, and after all my senses were afire from the starters; we requested that all chilli be removed from my Geng Kai Wang dish! The result was a lovely, spicy (flavourful, but not hot) creamy chicken green coconut curry, with bamboo shoots and kaffir limes served with steamed rice. My friend had the Pad Thai noodles coupled with a glass of white wine, which was also tasty and on the far end of the heat spectrum from our starters.

We skipped dessert, coconut seemed very popular for the specials that night! I would certainly return for more and try the tapioca dessert as I heard rave reviews about it. Also I will be far wiser and more cautious when it comes to selecting the hot dishes 😉

I decided to get gelato from Vaniglia, a 2 minute walk from Nam – a rich dark chocolate with black cherries, and that was quite literally, the ‘cherry on top’ evening for me. Sometimes it’s good to mix it up a little and opt for dessert elsewhere, because a meal is never complete without the sweet ending. Thanks again to my best friend for choosing a lovely place, despite the fact we lost a few taste buds that evening 😉

Vaniglia’s Dark Chocolate and Black Cherry Gelato

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