Taqueria – Top Sombrero!

Taqueria – Top Sombrero!
"Authentic Mexican street food, fast, freshly made and extremely popular among the locals. Enjoy a full on meal of tacos, quesadillas or burritos, also just a great atmosphere to sip (the best) frozen margaritas and share nachos with friends. Something for everyone to try, no cutlery is needed in this production ..."

The dream of finding awesome authentic Mexican street food has been made a reality – you may have even imagined a tumble weed drift past ;). Taqueria appeals to a diverse range of people, particularly the young professionals’ crowd; with its glass front interior that opens a fairly small but precious gem, you can see right through even to the kitchen! Find excellent frozen margaritas (that change quite often according to seasons), best dishes and hip Spanishy vibes! The real focal point greets you, literally as you walk in: A giant, stylized fresco of Mary framed by fairy lights and various posters of Israeli and international musicians that frame the religious figure, who becomes almost funky and frivolous given the settings.

Choose to sit outside or inside, an intimate space with colourful chairs that match the collage wall. Pops of colour throughout, with various plant pots of cacti and succulents. High wood ceilings with paneling, ceiling fans and a combination of low hanging light bulbs and deck chairs (hanging over the first floor balcony) all add to its sleek, modern-contemporary design. The specials are written on a chalkboard, take note and give them a try! The atmosphere is also buzzing in the evening, where it comes alive with its dimmed lighting and cool beats, a great place to sit, drink and eat with friends. Also great location-wise as it’s a short walk away from the nightlife of Rothschild Blvd!

Besides the excellent nachos starter, there is also corn on the cob and a Caesar salad. The menu offers a range of meat, fish, pork, prawns and chicken dishes of quesadillas, tacos and burritos – there are some vegan/vegetarian options available too, and in addition there are gluten-free tacos. Each dish offers something unique. Try their Prescado Frito Taco: Beer battered cod, guacamole, cabbage, Salsa Verde and cilantro. Whatever dish you try, again, have with a frozen margarita – they are strong and flavourful and incredibly refreshing. Besides the beers also on offer, you’ll find a variety of Tequilas. Their desserts vary, but they always have the popular Churros (think of a long strand sugary cinnamon doughnut with sweet dips), chocolate mousse and Paleta hand-made ice-cream popsicles (recommended). They also sell some of their magical homemade salsas that feature on the menu, so good for sprucing up your boring omelette at home or injecting some heat into a particular dish.

My friend and I always favour Taqueria for its excellent nachos and burritos, all freshly made. This time we arrived during lunch – the place was packed with people. Despite the large crowd, our food came fast and efficiently – perhaps us knowing exactly what we wanted speeded up the process, we ordered our usual: Nachos to start, margaritas – naturally, we both had mango: I had mine with lime and my friend with the strawberry. Followed by Bistec Burrito – delicately marinated steak in lime and tequila, filled with rice, black beans, lettuce, Salsa Roja, cheese and sour cream. I always request to have my one without the milky additions.

The nachos are never a disappointment, and are the definition of comfort food: The portion is big enough for 2 sharing, a nacho chips tower of cheese, sour cream and a rainbow of chopped tomatoes, spring onion, cilantro, jalapenos and the oh so important guacamole… we ordered extra jalapenos and hot sauce on the side, every last morsel was cleaned from the tin-foil covered plate. Have a moment to yourself, as the nachos take you to a dreamy pleasurable state… whilst enjoying the chilled upbeat music in the background.

The burritos came while we were halfway through our nachos – I had to finish off the nachos first, then tucked into my burrito which comes tightly wrapped in foil and cut in half in a cute, lined coloured basket; its neat and tidy presentation does not last long 😉 The burrito is generously packed with all the above mentioned ingredients, succulent steak, together with the hint of spicy, the tang of the tomatoes and salsa and fill of beans and rice, makes this our burrito winner. I usually go for incredibly spicy dishes, but this is very mild (for me), nonetheless it’s an incredibly satisfying meal and AGAIN: I highly recommend you try their cocktails that complement perfectly with this meal – you can also usually mix up the flavours if you are indecisive like me! Although full to the brim, and not a huge fan of fried foods, including shocker of shockers, Churros … I had a chocolate and chili Paleta, a very natural tasting ice-cream and the perfect ending to our meal.

Refreshing Paleta Ice-cream
Refreshing Paleta Ice-cream

All in all, good service, great food and vibes and a reasonably priced menu. Prepare to get your fingers and mouths dirty, but with napkins at the ready this is one of those meals that is best enjoyed with your hands :O) Also take note of their napkin dispensers, each with a fun Mexican-inspired design. You also won’t be distracted by the good-looking people of Tel Aviv, as: A, you do not want to be seen with a guacamole moustache (not your finest moment); B, the food is so delicious it’ll steal your attention away from any potential eye candy 😉

They do not do reservations (only on Friday evenings), so it’s highly advised to order a margarita in their busy hours while you wait for a table, especially on lunchtimes and on weekends. Take note of their Happy Hours!


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