Wolfnights – Israeli Diner Fast food

Wolfnights – Israeli Diner Fast food
"Israeli-style burger fast food, the quick fix for meat-cravings or late night munchies after a night out. A varied menu with the best chips in town. Tel Aviv branches all in great locations for a stroll after (you'll come out rolling) ..."

It’s very seldom I’ll drink any fizzy drinks like Coke, when I do it usually involves a burger from Wolfnights, the perfect marriage! This was one of the first fast food burger joints that I was introduced to when I first made Aliyah (immigrated). I like the fact that they have an open kitchen, it’s fast service and overall it’s a reasonably priced meal.

Although bare in mind, it’s not Kosher (naughty me) giving that some burgers come with bacon and/or cheese (Specials Burger) and all their buns are with butter. All burgers also have the side of lettuce, sliced red onion, tomato and pickles, served in an open bun guaranteeing a non-soggy burger.

Overlooks Rabin Square, great spot for people-watching too :)
Overlooks Rabin Square, great spot for people-watching too 🙂

I am quite boring when I go, as I always opt for the Texas Burger, topped with fried onions and a spicy BBQ sauce (not spicy for me). I suggest specifying for a medium-well-done burger if like me, you don’t want a raw burger! A little tomato sauce, chips and coke at the ready, and I’m in heaven. The patty is juicy and the salad additions are always fresh and add that extra crunch, the buns are also put on the grill and are of perfect thickness to hold all the essentials. My friend oddly ordered the Schnitzel Burger (prior to meeting she was telling me how she was craving for meat), her burger was also very good, the schnitzel was fairly large and the breaded crust was not too oily or thick.  The schnitzel was elevated by the mayonnaise and Dijon mustard on the side. Their chips are all served in a tin cup lined with paper, so are never too oily and have the perfect crunch.

They do have a vegetarian burger but when I do go it’s always for meat, so I’m afraid I have yet to try this one! However it does sound good, the patty is made from tofu and portobella mushrooms, topped with radish sprouts, tomato and pesto sauce. They also have either a chicken breast or schnitzel burger (as mentioned) for something slightly less conventional. For the indecisive they also offer a combination of 3 mini burgers each with different toppings of chipotle, cheese and garlic confit. For those more mindful of their calorie intake, a Caesar or Green salad, which I don’t think is worth ordering at takeout establishment, unless it’s replacing the chips – which are certainly worth the calories. Usually the chips come separate (large or small portion), unless you purchase the various business/combination meals (evening and lunch special), that includes a drink.  They are now also offering a Family Combination Deal, with a variety of burgers and a large salad. Their desserts I have never tried, as the burger is filling enough…

A diner-esque decor feel with a modern Israeli twist, bar-style seating is also available among the many stacks of tomato sauce bottles and napkins (very useful!). Ibn Gvirol branch is situated directly opposite Rabin Square, so great for some people watching.  Mainly several branches in the centre and one in Rehovot: I also like the Lilienblum branch (number 40), which is moments from Rothschild Boulevard, always a nice area to walk off part of your burger or do the exact opposite and go for a cheeky ice-cream nearby… 53 Yehuda Maccabi branch has also got positive reviews. Either way, it’s the perfect way to end a late night at a bar and chill with friends.


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